Sales & Services

We [Veesons Channel Associate] are dealing in sales of Boilers, Water Treatment Plant, Spares & Chemical Treatment to keep safe Operation, Higher Efficiency, Low Maintenance &Trouble Free.


A) Boilers:
Smoke Tube [Internal & External Furnace]   Combitube [Under Bed & Over Bed]
Co-Generation & Power [AFBC, CFBC, Traveling Grate & Waste Heat Recovery]

B) Water Treatment Plants:   Filter-Softener   DM Plants   RO Plants

C) Chemicals:   Boilers   Cooling Towers   RO   ETP

D) Spares:   Boiler   Water Treatment Plant   Electrical


A) Operation & Maintenance:
Boiler   Water Treatment Plant   ETP Plant   RO Plant   Thermic Fluid Heater

B) Erections
C) Insulations

D) Automation And Conversions:   Bubling Bed Conversion For Grate Bed Boiler 
Under Bed Conversion For FBC Boiler   FBC Conversion For Old Loco, Lancashire Boiler