Company Profile

Flowtherm deals with Sales & Service of Boiler, Water Treatment Plant, Chemical, Pollution Control Equipments, Spares etc with proper technical guidance & execution. Boiler we provide in various industrial section like; Agro Project, Food Processing, Paper Industries , Steel Industries, Tea Industries, Plywood Industries, Solvent industries, Pharmaceutical Industries etc.

We have extensive ranges of Water Treatment Plant & Chemical. Supplied more than twenty water treatment plant unit of reputed company make. Maintaining more than forty units with proper chemical treatment of Boiler, Water treatment plant, Cooling Tower, RO Plant etc. Customer procures spares from us at affordable cost.

We have always believed that the customer comes first. This belief, coupled with a strict emphasis on excellence, has been the driving force behind the company since its inception. Whether it is large, medium or small clients, it has always been our conviction that quality product delivery will always hold the key to our existence.

Needless to mention we are proud of our work and the reputation we have built, and continually strive to keep our company at the effective, cutting-edge solution provider.

Recently we have started our new divisions like; Project Consultancy, Erection, Insulation, Automation & Conversion.