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We are Channel Associate of Veesons Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.
VESPL is one of the fastest growing Boiler Manufacturers of ‘Process Steam’& ‘Power Generation Boiler’ in India. Boiler manufacturing by VESPL is done with extensive design by engineers and by talented & experienced manpower. Recently VESPL has obtain ASME ‘S’ Stamp & ‘U’ Stamp mainly to improve quality standards and to also meet International standards. Within a short period of 14 Years VESPL has manufactured more than 3000 process boiler.

Our various models of Package Boilers & Power Boilers Ranges are:

Shell Type Boilers: From 500 Kg/hr to 4 TPH – Shell & Tube Type Boiler configuration catering mainly to process steam applications for Rice mills, Textile and Pharma applications etc..,

Fixed grate Boilers: From 500 Kg/hr to 8 TPH – Conventional Fixed Grate Boiler with External Refractory Furnace Cum Shell type configuration catering mainly to process Steam Applications for Textile, Solvent Extraction Plants, Small Paper Mills, Pharma applications, Beverages, etc.., 

Hybrid Boilers: From 4 TPH to 12 TPH – Smaller Capacity AFBC Boiler with Water wall cum Shell type configuration catering mainly to Process Steam Applications for Paddy Processing, Small Paper Mills, Pharma applications etc.., 

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